plastic surgery – Dr cortes

plastic surgery – Dr cortes

29th Mar 2020

My story with plastic surgery and dr. Cortes is very funny. The doctor practically saved me from myself and my belief that there is nothing that can be changed at my body after four pregnancies, not even with plastic surgery. Dr. Cortes was patient and understanding to my needs and he listened to my reasons for seeing him. He wasn’t in a hurry to recommend this procedure or the other and I didn’t feel like he was trying to sell me services. It was a normal doctor patient conversation that took place after I told him why I am there and what I’d like to achieve with the surgery.
Lucky for me, all my dreams were possible to become true with the help of dr. Cortes. Before seeing him I checked online the work of other surgeons and it just wasn’t what I was looking for. I was looking for a tummy tuck, but all I found was patients with a flat and firm tummy, but the shape of the body and their overall anatomy was not much improved. I mean I wanted a flat tummy too, but it felt like it is just too much money to pay just for this and no other improvement at the level of the midline because those patients didn’t have smaller waists at all. I wanted a small waist, and a nice body shape if I was to undergo surgery. Otherwise, no point in doing so, even if it meant living with my saggy tummy forever. But when I saw the results dr. Cortes achieves with his procedure, I knew there is hope for me if he does the intervention. My hourglass tummy tuck was a success and now I have the shape of the body that I was looking for and also flat tummy.

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