r. Herrera

r. Herrera

01st Mar 2015

Dr. Cortes and his staff make the perfect plastic surgery dream team. The girls in his office made me feel very comfortable. They get to work on things ASAP.

I had called lots of other “highly recommended” plastic surgeons in the Houston area, and wasn’t feeling very convinced or comfortable. I think I wanted big breast since the age of 10, so my mind was set that I wanted to go BIG. All the other places tried to convince me to go smaller and stick around 300-400 cc’s silicone.

I called Dr. Cortes they explained the difference to me about silicone being a better choice of quality, but strongly respected my decision on going big with saline (500 cc’s or more) and never made me feel like they were trying to sell me what THEY wanted instead of what I wanted.

I went into the office Wednesday, had my lab work and pre-op Thursday and went in for surgery on Friday morning. When I told the anesthesiologist and nurse Dr. Cortes was my doctor, they had nothing but GREAT things to say about him, which made me feel even more comfortable.

My implants haven’t dropped yet as it’s only been 2 days since surgery, but I already LOVE my new boobies, swollen and all they look beautiful very symmetrical.The incisions seems to be very minimal and I have very little bruising. I ended up getting 600 cc’s. I can’t wait to see the final results in a couple of months!

Dr. Cortes is the one to go to, he doesn’t just perform cosmetic procedures. Anyone who studied plastic surgery can put implants in a woman. Dr. Cortes makes art, he shapes you and his work is amazing. His staff is great very helpful and make you feel very comfortable. I was a B cup pre-op and he said my results would be a D cup or higher. I will be back when they finally drop with the final cup size.

Thank you Dr. Cortes and staff!!! Will be back for a complete mommy makeover in 5 years!

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