Sheria Jones

Sheria Jones

18th Mar 2022

I had contemplated getting plastic surgery for years but didn’t know exactly where to begin. After a few consultations in California (quoted $14-16k for tummy tuck only, no lipo) I asked a friend in Dallas if she knew any recommended plastic surgeons. She highly recommended Dr. Cortes in Houston. I stalked Dr. Cortes’s videos, Instagram and read numerous reviews before contacting his office. I received a warm response from the office staff. I then sent the requested photos and received a timely response with Dr. Cortes’s recommendation of The Hourglass Tummy Tuck! Still reluctant I called a friend that lived in Houston , her exact words were “he’s damn good with those tummy tucks!” I then called the office and spoke with both Jane and Bri whom both assured me I was in great hands. Late September I paid my deposit, completed requested forms, received precise instructions, pre-op, surgery date and post op appointments within 24 hours. This is really happening ! The office staff answered my calls and e-mails whenever I contacted them. They also kept in contact with me.
December 6, 2021 I met Dr. Cortes and the staff during pre-op, they addressed any concerns I had and reviewed my information and made sure I had my medications on hand for aftercare. December 7th arrived at surgery center at 0530, all staff including anesthesiologist was professional and assuring because I was a Nervous Nelly! A few hours later I woke up on the flat side!! Dr. Cortes called my husband and also spoke with him when he arrived to pick me up. My husband was and continues to be impressed by the professionalism of the staff and the outcome of the tummy tuck procedure.
I’m nearly four months post op and I’m over joyed every time I look in the mirror. I receive compliments daily! Dr. Cortes truly molded, shaped me and made me feel young again. I’m definitely Big Energy at 52 years young 💋⌛️💋

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