Sherry A. Hamilton

Sherry A. Hamilton

19th Nov 2019

I had my (hopefully) last baby three years ago and since then I’ve been fighting this feeling of being just a mom and less of a woman. I don’t know how to explain it but I guess many women feel it. When the house is full with children, you tend to become more of a provider and a carer, than the sexy, alluring woman you were before the pregnancy happened. My husband told me once he missed me. I thought it’s so crazy, we spend all evenings and weekends together, we are very fortunate compared to other couples and families, but it was only later on that I realized what he meant. He missed me, as in his sweetheart, not the mother of his children. And in a way, I missed myself too, but probably not as often as him. With time and with the kids becoming more and more independent I knew I had to do something to reconnect with my husband and with me. But it was hard to do this when I didn’t feel like me anymore. I started watching doctor Cortes videos on youtube just for fun, learning this and that. I started looking at before and after pictures of his patients on social media and this is when it hit me that I really really really want to get surgery too so I can get ME back.
The first consultation with Doctor Cortes was not really as expected. He is very calm and composed and very firm when he speaks. He told me what the recovery period entails and asked if I think I can go through with it. I told him I have four kids at home and he was worried I would have difficulties to keep up with my responsibilities at home during the recovery period. But I talked to my in laws to live with us for the first two weeks after my surgery so my husband has some help with the kids and I can do my own thing without worrying they will starve to death or miss school because I had plastic surgery.
I felt very comfortable with doctor Cortes and also with his team. I also met Janiris, doctor Cortes’s wife and she said we will keep in touch after the surgery too, so my recovery period will be monitored by the doctor and the staff at the practice. I feel confident to proceed and I can’t wait to see my new curves after the surgery!

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