10th Aug 2019

I am 34 years old, three beautiful daughters and until four days ago a very saggy tummy with distended muscles and lots of skin folds. Pregnancy was not very kind to me, I got my precious babies, but I lost my body in the process. And by lost, I mean like it was completely ruined. The breasts were like half way down the chest, the tummy was hanging over the pubic area, I felt fat and undesirable and so unlike the woman I used to be. And my mother kept telling me than I am a mom now, I shouldn’t be so concerned with my body as it offered me the children I wanted so much. But I couldn’t get over the idea that I want to feel pretty again. I felt so middle age, it was incredible considering the fact that I always took pride in my youthful way of being. But I just didn’t feel that I looked young enough to behave in a youthful manner. I don’t know if it makes a lot of sense, but for me, if I can’t run around the house chasing the daughters because my breasts jiggle up and down and escape the breasts and I constantly need to pull my jeans up as they can’t get to the right position due to fat deposits, I couldn’t pretend I was 14 anymore.
I saw doctor Cortes two and a half months ago, approximately ten months after I gave birth last time. I had a feeling maybe it would be too soon for surgery, but the doctor was cool with it, he asked when did I stop breastfeeding and if I am happy with my weight. My luck was that I only breastfeed for about three weeks with my last as I had an infection and needed to stop breastfeeding while I took antibiotics and then the milk stopped. Doctor Cortes explained that it should be at least six months after pregnancy stops before considering breast surgery. He recommended an hourglass tummy tuck with a wonder breast lift and this is what I got. It wasn’t cheap and it needs to be paid in full before undergoing surgery, but I knew doctor Cortes is the best and he will help me be who I want to be.
Now I am walking with my back bent forward, sleeping on a thousand pillows like a princess from the fairy tales (without the pain). The pain is still intense, I am waiting for it to subside and taking the medication doctor Cortes prescribed. Doctor Cortes changed my life for the better and I am sure I will get the results I desire when the recovery is complete.

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