Thanks doctor

Thanks doctor

24th May 2020

I was recently divorced and just moved back to Houston to be closer to my family after what was a very abusing and toxic relationship that lasted over a decade. I felt old and without any energy and everybody wondered what happed to the vibrant girl that left the city because she certainly never returned. I founded dr. Cortes online, looking at before and after pics with tummy tucks. I saw straight away that it was something different that he was doing because his patients looked completely different after the surgery and much, much better. I thought I should give it a try, I had some money, so why not?
Dr. Cortes is a very nice person and a very knowledgeable and talented surgeon. He gave me a lot of indications about what would be good for me, considering my lifestyle, goals and anatomy and in the end we settled on an hourglass tummy tuck. The surgery was done two and a half months later and it took about the same time to see the final results. I was in pain for a few days post-op, but no other complications, so all was good. Dr. Cortes made the correct assessment about what I needed, even if I was a bit reluctant about the fat to the hips since I considered my hips are pretty wide as they were. The results are very good, I am happy with everything and the surgery made me feel better. I feel more like my old self now. I was all bubbly and happy and now I am getting closer and closer to the old me and further away from the woman that was abused and kept in a corner for so long. Plastic surgery with dr. Cortes gave me the opportunity to start life anew, close to my family and my real friends, thank you dr. Cortes!

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