Thigh lift and BBL

Thigh lift and BBL

16th Mar 2016

Dr Cortes gets right to business no small talk, unless you have questions he will be in & out. He was always polite, I just personally feel he should have a better rapport with patients, it’s obvious from the time spent with me & the office full of patients he’s a very busy cosmetic surgeon, so I understand time is limited. He made it very clear the results that could be achieved with my procedures & also recommended a tummy tuck at some point for the best desired results. I had 2-3 pre op appts due to iron deficiency, my initial surgery date was cancelled, tho disappointing it was good to know Dr Cortes put my health 1st & was not going to take any risks just to complete another procedure. My biggest disappointment was the wait times, the average wait times were 2-3 hours. So far I’m pleased with my results at 5 1/2 weeks post op. We discussed lipo of my knees during my last pre op visit & I was marked for it right before surgery but I do not believe they were lipo as there was no bruises, discomfort or incisions, pre op paperwork advises not all areas discussed for lipo maybe treated so if I could do it differently I would have discussed my preferences in sequential order. Note: all his procedures are performed in a hospital with an overnight stay for monitoring, this made me more confident in his concern for his pt health. After surgery I did not see Dr Cortes during my hospital stay, I did not recieve any details of the procedure post op, such as the amount of fat removed/transferred successfully, total time of procedures, expected results achieved or not, unable to lipo my knees, if there were any issues unforeseen or not. I was discharged per his instructions to the nursing staff via text/email/phone. My 1st post op visit was 5 days after my procedures, I waited no longer than 20 mins before being called into the examination room however, my total wait & exam time in there was about 2 hours, my total time spent from arrival to leaving was about 3 hours. I was seen by members of the staff, during the visit 1 drain & my lipo stitches were removed & I received a garment to help shape & support my body post op; because of my thigh lift I was unable to get the garment with the butt out due to placement of my incisions, the garment I have is for pt with butt implants as it does put to much pressure on the butt but aids in support & shapes you. I did not see Dr Cortes however, I did see him in the parking lot on the way out & he did ask how I was doing & was very personable at that time. During my 2nd visit at 10 days post op, I waited approximately 1 hr & 45mins standing (due to BBL) before being called into the examination room. The office was filled with pre & post op patients, post op patients weren’t given a priority as I would assume we should be, especially w/I the 1st few weeks after surgery. During the visit my other 2 drains were removed. I saw Dr Cortes during that visit, he checked my incisions & asked if I was taking all my meds as directed. My total time spent from arrival to leaving was about 2 1/2 hours. My 3rd visit at 17 days post op was much better, I waited about 30 mins before being called into the examination room, I saw Dr Cortes during that visit as well. My thigh lift stitches were removed & I was instructed to apply antibiotic ointment & cover an open wound & healing wounds with gauzes. During this visit I was only there a total of 1 hour & 30 mins, yay!! The best wait time thus far! I would also like to add I receive regular text messages from the nurse with post op instructions/expected progress or concerns at each phase. I have an issue with a portion of the payment that was due which is unresolved (I paid it) however, I’m not sure if this matter is a mathematical oversight on his staff or the lender, as I’m still trying to get clarification. I’m still not able to wear proper BBL garment due to thigh lift incisions healing in progress however, I’m shaping up nicely. My concern is will this delay effect my BBL results. Overall I would recommend Dr Cortes for his work, hopefully my last visit is a step in the right direction regards to wait times, but if not just be prepared for what will be a long wait time; block out 2-4 hours for the visits.

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