tummy better results

tummy better results

28th Mar 2019

What I can tell you about having a tummy tuck is that the pain is real. Very real, very present and it will hit you after the effects of the general anesthesia is gone. The good news is that if you are having the procedure with Dr. Cortes, he will tell you all about this and prescribe you medication to get over it. He asked me how is my tolerance to pain and I thought is rather good with my two pregnancies and all, but apparently I am not as good with pain as I was when I was younger. The Dr.was so understanding and prescribed new pain medication when I told him I’m still in pain with what he gave me before. It was also my back, really really painful due to all that laying on the back. The new painkillers helped big time, so if you know you are not good with pain, tell him this from the beginning so you don’t have to go through the discomfort.
The tummy tuck is not a very simple procedure to go through. When you see the scars of other patients so small and like fine lines you imagine that this is how you’ll look like the next day after the surgery, but this is just not what happens. My scar seemed so long and red and all the things I feared that I was already asking the Dr. about scar treatments and if I can take it off with laser. But he said this is just a stage, things will get better, etc etc. But the thing is that they did get better. Now I am the happy owner of a fine looking scar that I can easily tuck in my panties if I want to keep it away from prying eyes! Really now, the scar will be the last thing you have to worry if you have surgery with Dr. Cortes. He is very good, so good that he can even make jokes about it!
Thanks, Dr. Cortes, I might be back for more. Next is boobies!

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