Tummy tuck

Tummy tuck

03rd Oct 2019

Doctor Cortes did my hourglass tummy tuck one and a half months ago. I am still during recovery, but I have returned to work for about two weeks now and I can do much of the stuff I did before around the house and for my family. Having the surgery was a good idea for me as I was unhappy with my body and because I thought there is no hope to get better, I was actually getting worst by eating too much of the wrong things and avoiding exercising because it made me sweaty and uncomfortable. I saw doctor Cortes after my mother made me feel very self-aware at some lunch we had together and she mentioned him and I thought I should give it a look, at least see what can be done with this. I saw doctor Cortes last year and he asked if I’m happy with my weight or if I have plans about it. I was planning to lose weight, but like many other women I kept postponing the first day of diet. Doctor Cortes said than an hourglass tummy tuck would make me look great, but maybe try to lose weight before the surgery to avoid ruining the results after.
I was very energized after the meeting with doctor Cortes, felt like new possibilities opened to me and I could really do this. My husband and kids were also supporting me and we all started to eat different, no fast food, take out only over the weekend and cooking dinner home, mostly veggies with meat. It was good exercise for my family and brought us closer together as we all did our parts in the kitchen. They ate better, I ate better and eventually started to lose weight. It didn’t happen overnight, but helped me get ready for the surgery and now I am waiting for my beautiful results to show up.

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