tummy tuck

tummy tuck

18th Nov 2019

In two days I’m having an hourglass tummy tuck with dr Cortes and I’m excited and anxious at the same time, I can’t think of anything else. I spent this week cleaning the house and going grocery shopping and then cooking, and more cleaning, just to keep myself busy. The times seems to go so slow now, it’s crazy. I had the procedure scheduled two months ago, after the first consultation with dr Cortes. It was a hit and run business, as in we hit it off right away and scheduled the surgery when the consultation was done. I kinda knew what to expect in terms of costs and Brianna confirmed that my estimate was correct when she gave me a quote after the consultation with the surgeon. It’s not cheap, I’ll tell you this, but who wants cheap plastic surgery? Really now, all I want is the beautiful hourglass shape and to get rid once and for all of the skin sagginess on the tummy. Dr Cortes said that even some of the stretch marks will disappear with the skin excision, so I am really looking forward to that because I am so sick and tired of those obnoxious stretch marks that make me look like an old zebra. I fell like for the last two years I’ve been postponing everything. Starting with seeing friends and even getting a new pair of jeans or new clothes. Believe it or not, I’m still wearing the maternity jeans, but they are so comfy and they don’t cut into the folds on the tummy which is a big deal for me. I feel that I have spent so much time in leggings and maternity clothes over the last few years that it will be difficult to see myself getting dressed in nice clothes again. But I hope that after the surgery and with new confidence, I’ll get back to the strong, beautiful woman I was before getting pregnant the first time.
I have so much plans for after the surgery, places to go, people to see, I just can’t wait. Dr Cortes told me it will be a few months until making a complete recovery after the surgery, but I am already making plans for a holiday with just my husband, to really enjoy my new body shape. I am so positive and confident that I will look just the way I want and I just want to get it over with the surgery asap ????

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