Vladlena Ikasheva

Vladlena Ikasheva

27th Apr 2019

I had an hourglass tummy tuck last month, I don’t feel completely restored yet but things are getting better and there is progress. The surgery went on well, I needed the procedure to reconstruct my abdominal wall. The procedure took much longer than estimated, it was about four hours. I was very sick from the anesthesia, I threw up a lot but it got better before I left to get home. I felt very weak after the surgery, but the pain was not terrible, not like I read other people complaining on forums. My husband was by my bedside at every moment and maybe this made everything better and I didn’t feel when time passed. I had to keep the drain tubes longer that usually, at least this is what he doctor said, because there was drainage through them. This wasn’t pleasant at all because I had to sleep exclusively on the back and this was terrible for me.
When the sutures were removed, the scar opened a little but the doctor said it’s normal and it did close eventually, no infection or anything, but I was worried. I had to wear a girdle non stop, I just started wearing it only during the day and at first I thought it is too tight, but eventually turned up to be a good size. I didn’t like the idea with the girdle, is more uncomfortable that you can imagine and tight and I think the doctor should have explained this better because it is really a long time and you have to wear it non-stop even when you go to work and during the night. I had trouble sleeping the first few nights because of this.
Also, I expected to lose a bit more weight after the tummy tuck. I was not fat before the procedure, but I expected to drop a few pounds after the excess skin came off and with the lipo, but it was less than I thought. Anyway, the results are visible in centimeters and this is ok for me. Will wait and see how things are after a few more months. Overall I am satisfied with my results

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