Wonder Breast Revision

17th Feb 2016

Wonder breast revision is a unique plastic surgery procedure developed by Dr. Cortes. This is also his signature procedure. Since there are many patients who undergo different breast enhancement surgeries like breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction, there is a demand for breast revision surgeries.
The reasons for getting a revision surgery vary per patient, but the most common causes involve complications such as symmastia, bottoming out of the breasts, breast implant rupture, etc. However, some also decide to go for a revision procedure because they were unhappy with the aesthetic results of the original surgery. Taking this into consideration, the wonder breast revision approach is an effective treatment to complications arising from previous breast enhancement procedures.


What sets the wonder breast revision apart from the traditional approach is the fact that it resolves the issues caused by complications, and at the same time, it restores your aesthetic beauty by reconstructing your breasts. The wonder breast revision can effectively restore your health and aesthetic appearance by treating the unfortunate results of your previous surgery.
The traditional breast revision approach simply does not deliver effective and long-term results. This is because it only removes or replaces the implant without reconstructing the important parts like the suspension ligaments. This means that it is possible for you to experience complications and aesthetic problems again after a few months. Fortunately, this is not the case with the wonder breast revision.
Dr. Cortes developed this technique because he understands that the patients want more than just fixing the problem. With the wonder breast revision, the ultimate goal is to restore your beautiful and aesthetically appealing breasts.
Dr. Cortes’ wonder breast revision can effectively treat problems like flared areola, breast implant rupture, variation in implant position, rippling, synmastia, capsular contracture and infections. If the complications were caused by unsuitable or disproportionate breast implants, Dr. Cortes will remove and replace them with newer and better implants. He will not only treat the side effects, but will also ensure sustainable and permanent results for you. The way he does this is through the reconstruction of the breasts and strengthening of the ligaments, making your breasts perkier and shapelier.


If you meet the following conditions, you qualify as a good candidate for the wonder breast revision surgery:
You are unhappy with the aesthetic results of your original breast enhancement procedure.
You are experiencing health problems or side effects as a result of the original breast enhancement procedure.
While breast enhancement procedures have a high success rate, there are still many patients who are dissatisfied with the results of their first breast enhancement procedure. Patients like these are advised to wait at least three months for their breasts to settle after the initial procedure before going through with a revision surgery. For some women, it can even take a year for the breasts to settle. If you are still unhappy with the shape of your breasts after they have completely healed, you may qualify for the wonder breast revision.
On the other hand, there are patients who are suffering from complications and side effects caused by their breast enhancement surgery. Unfortunately, some are only solvable through a revision surgery. If so, they may qualify for the wonder breast revision procedure. These sides effects and complications include widened areola, breast implant rupture or leak, change in implant position, rippling, synmastia, capsular contracture and infections.
Having said that, you must be in an overall good health for you to be eligible for this surgical procedure. If you are suffering from health problems like diabetes, cardiac problems, respiratory problems or blood disorder etc., you must inform Dr. Cortes. These are health issues that affect the results. In addition, it is important to have realistic expectations and goals in order to be a good candidate for the wonder breast revision surgery.

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Before setting an appointment, we strongly encourage our patients to first watch our educational videos on our YouTube channel: drwilbertocorteslive. The material will help you get a better understanding of the procedure.
During the consultation session, Dr. Cortes will assess your overall health and ask questions about your health and medications history. This is necessary to determining whether you are eligible for the procedure and to ensure your safety. Your breasts will then be examined thoroughly to note the side effects, complications or aesthetic imperfections that resulted from the original surgery. Dr. Cortes will assess the cause of these issues and then determine a particular approach suited for you. In all of his procedures, Dr. Cortes tailors the technique to the patient’s specific condition and needs.
This means your chest dimension, breast width, skin quality, and other important elements will also be measured and assessed. For those with any breast asymmetry, this will also be taken into account in order to fix it during the revision surgery. As the patient, it is crucial to clearly communicate all the problems you are facing as a result of the breast enhancement surgery with Dr. Cortes. Furthermore, you should relay your aesthetic expectations from the revision surgery. If you have breast implants, Dr. Cortes will examine their size and type and recommend a replacement implant.


Like all surgeries, the wonder breast revision comes with some risks and potential complications. General surgical risks are infections, bleeding and adverse anesthetic reactions. These are common risks and can be managed by the surgeon. However, there are other risks that are specific to the wonder breast revision, such as capsular contracture and seroma. Furthermore, dissatisfaction with the results is also considered a risk.
Mild pain and discomfort is expected and normal after the surgery, which can easily be managed with medication. Aside from that though, there is a possibility that you may experience a change in your breast sensation or loss of breast sensation after the surgery. The change or loss in breast sensation is usually temporary. You should regain sensation after a few weeks. Unfortunately, there are rare cases in which the change is permanent.


The wonder breast revision surgery will be held at the Houston Northwest Medical Center. Dr. Cortes will perform the surgery along with his support team. The patient will be put under general anesthesia, which means they will be asleep throughout the procedure. A professional, Board-Certified anesthesiologist will administer the anesthesia.
After the surgery, you will be allowed to go home as soon as Dr. Cortes checks your health condition and doesn’t find any issues. However, if your condition is unstable, you will be required to stay in the hospital overnight.


In order to perform the wonder breast revision, Dr. Cortes will use the same incisions as the ones made the original breast enhancement surgery. This will ensure you don’t get any additional scars. In rare cases, a tiny additional incision may be required to achieve the desired aesthetic goals.
As mentioned, the surgical techniques and approaches will be tailored to the patient’s unique needs. This means the doctor takes into account the type of breast enhancement procedure done as well as the complications and side effects resulting from that surgery. Don’t worry, the surgeon will discuss the most suitable approach during the initial consultation.
If your complications or aesthetic imperfections were caused by breast implants, Dr. Cortes will first dissect the breast tissue to reach the chest muscle. Afterwards, the chest muscle will be divided to access the implant pocket. Once done, the surgeon will remove the implant and replace it with a better, more suitable implant that should complement your chest dimensions and overall figure.
Dr. Cortes adapts his approach and techniques based on the causes of the complications. For complications caused by breast reduction or breast lift, Dr. Cortes will sculpt your breasts by adjusting the tissue and using liposuction. He will then treat the suspension ligaments to prevent the breasts from sagging. The incisions will then be sutured, marking the end of the revision procedure. You should be able to go home within the same day.


Pain and discomfort are normal side effects of any surgery. Fortunately, these are manageable with the prescribed medication.
The improvements in your breasts will be obvious immediately after the surgery. However, keep in mind that the final results of the wonder breast revision will only be apparent once the inflammation and bruising have completely subsided. This may take a few weeks or several months. Moreover, you may experience a change in or loss of your nipple sensation after the surgery. This is usually temporary and should naturally resolve itself over time.


Most patients worry about what to do after the surgery, which includes questions like whether or not they can shower. No need to fret, you are allowed to take a shower after the surgery. You will simply follow a set of directions on how to do certain things and what not to do. In addition, Dr. Cortes will provide you with complete instructions about the lifestyle you should maintain after the surgery. For example, while having increased sensitivity in your breasts is absolutely normal, Dr. Cortes may recommend you to do some breast exercises to help your breast sensitivity normalize.
Since the wonder breast revision mostly uses the existing scars to access inside of the breasts, you will not have any additional scars. With that said, by reopening the existing scars, this may somehow increase the scarring. Fortunately, the scars will gradually fade, thereby improving its aesthetic appearance.
In general, make sure to follow Dr. Cortes’ instructions strictly after the surgery because it has significant impact on the results.


As soon as you get the wonder breast revision, you will notice beautiful, perky breasts that suit your body dimensions. The side effects that you suffered from are finally gone and you will feel your best, both physically and mentally. But remember, even though the results of the wonder breast revision are permanent, gravity, aging, and illnesses may still take a toll on the aesthetic goals you achieved with the surgery.

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