Saggy breasts after plastic surgery

Saggy breasts after plastic surgery

01st Feb 2022

Undergoing plastic surgery doesn’t necessarily mean getting spectacular results. Nowadays plastic surgery is more accessible than ever, but there are also many inexperienced practitioners and people without proper qualifications and experience who do plastic surgery. When it comes to the breasts, they can become saggy even after plastic surgery. How is this possible? There are several causes behind this occurrence, such as:

–    Breast augmentation was performed with implants too large for the patient’s anatomy

When it comes to the size of the implants, the surgeon’s experience is priceless. There are patients who want to go as big as possible, but don’t understand the risks and complications associated with using breast implants that are too large for the patient’s body frame. This is why the patient should always follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon when it comes to choosing the right implants. And this is why the experience of the plastic surgeon is very important. A surgeon with plenty of experience will be able to help the patient get a good result without compromising health and the appearance of the breasts. When the implants are too big, the breasts can become saggy as soon as the implants soften and drop, and this is not an aesthetically pleasing result to achieve. 

–    Breast augmentation was performed on a patient with saggy breasts

Many of the patients seeing the plastic surgeon with the desire to get a breast augmentation are actually in need of a breast lift. An experienced plastic surgeon will easily diagnose breast ptosis that is characterized by the sagginess of the breasts and advise the patient to get a mastopexy with implants. This means that the optimal procedure in this case is a breast lift, during which implants can be inserted using the same incisions needed for lifting the breasts. The lifting of the breasts entails the re-centering of the mammary gland and the removal of the excess skin present in the breasts. When we combine the breast lift with implants, we get perky breasts that are elevated on the chest wall and also a better volume. When breast augmentation is performed on patients with saggy breasts without first correcting the breast ptosis, the breast sagginess will be more accentuated after the surgery due to the added volume of the breasts. 

–    Breast augmentation was performed using a transaxillary incision

The transaxillary incision can be used during breast augmentation to insert the implants; however, it is not the most recommended method. It is called the “blind” method because the plastic surgeon has limited visibility when using the transaxillary approach. Also, the procedure doesn’t allow the correction of a minor breast ptosis as the periareolar incision would, hence it could lead to saggy breasts afterwards.

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