Saggy breasts: Causes and solutions

Saggy breasts: Causes and solutions

27th Jan 2022

Saggy breasts is a problem for women all over the world with different physical characteristics, lifestyles, and ages. Saggy breasts are something that happens to all women at some point or the other in their lives. For some women, it could be as early as their teenage years if they are suffering from breast hypertrophy, while for others it can occur after pregnancy, during menopause, or as a result of considerable weight fluctuations. Even something as simple and unavoidable as gravity and the passing of time is associated with the occurrence of breast sagginess.

As you can see, some of the causes of breast sagginess include:

–    Pregnancy

–    Weight fluctuations

–    An excessive volume of the breasts

–    Aging

–    Gravity

Aside from these causes, there are many others that are still researched and discussed. This means that breast sagginess, just like death and taxes, is impossible to avoid. There are things that women can do to avoid the early onset of breast ptosis, such as always wearing a sports bra when exercising, wearing a bra with a good fit that offers plenty of support and the right level of compression, and so on. 

Moreover, breast sagginess can’t be corrected with diets, exercises, creams, or massages. Breast sagginess is an excess of skin on the breasts, and the only solution that will be effective in this case is plastic surgery. 

The procedure performed to correct saggy breasts is the breast lift, and not breast augmentation as some people tend to believe. Inserting implants in breasts that are already saggy will only accentuate the sagginess and not correct it. There are very few and rare cases in which the sagginess of the breasts can be corrected with a breast augmentation, and we are talking about a breast ptosis that is so minor that the woman probably didn’t even notice that the breasts are mildly sagging. For all other cases, the recommended procedure is the breast lift.

The breast lift has no effect on the volume of the breasts as it doesn’t aim to increase the volume by adding implants or decrease it by removing parts of the mammary gland. For patients interested in adjusting the volume of the breasts while having a breast lift, the plastic surgeon might recommend a combination of the breast lift with breast implant surgery or a breast reduction. When the breast lift is performed, the glandular tissue is re-centered and elevated to the correct position on the chest wall and the surplus of skin is removed. The plastic surgeon will give the breasts a nice, natural shape, but keep in mind that the aesthetic result achieved after the procedure is also dependent on the initial anatomical characteristics of the patient. For patients who want a specific shape of the breasts, implants can be used.

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