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Saline breast implant complication

The success of breast augmentation depends on a variety of factors. It will be discussed with you by your surgeon prior to the surgery as well as the implants and the technique that will be used. The skills and expertise of the plastic surgeon are very critical to the result of the procedure as well.

When it comes to breast implants, different kinds and types have emerged in the market. Among the new introduction that is dramatically gaining popularity. While it is known that silicone breast implants are considered as the better choice when it comes to the consistency and feel, there are certain benefits that most patients would love about saline implants.

Saline implants are also approved by the FDA for surgical use. This type of breast implants is filled with sterile water solution that is almost the same as the fluid that makes up most of the body. It is proven to be safe and it is highly compatible with the human body.

When it comes to the texture, saline implants feel firmer than silicone implants when touched. So if you want to have firmer breasts, then this option might be the best one available for you. Moreover, saline implants are highly recommended for patients with breast asymmetries as they come with filling volume. What’s more amazing is that when the saline implants rupture or leak, the condition can be easily noticed. The patient can easily know if they need replacement and they can avoid further complications. The substances are also harmless.

You must also know that the incision required here is smaller compared to the size needed for other kinds of breast implants. This is because a saline implant is an empty bag that is only filled with the solution once the implant is placed inside the breast.








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