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Scar care after tummy tuck

The tummy tuck is one of the popular cosmetic surgery procedures that will surely leave a scar on your body. This is inevitable because there would be incisions. However, you can make your scar appear less noticeable or disgusting by doing the proper scar care after the intervention. However, keep in mind that the purpose of the following tips is to minimize the appearance of your scars and not to eliminate it completely.

Right after the surgery, I give instructions to my patient on how to properly take care of the surgical site especially where the incision is located. Tips on wound care and hygiene are given as well. Also, I strongly advise my patients to be aware of any sign of infection. In case you feel that the incision is not healing properly or you feel strange things that are not told to you to be normal and part of the healing process, a follow-up visit to the surgeon is highly a must. If there’s an infection, there’s a high possibility that you will have a more prominent scar.

There are also topical treatments that are being prescribed to the patient at the right time. This means that the incision is no longer covered by scabs. Among the most popular tropical treatment are products that contain silicone, in the form of a gel, cream or sheeting. Creams with Vitamin E are recommended, too.







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