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0 Comment December 4, 2017

Scarring after butt implants surgery

No matter what type of cosmetic surgery you choose, it is inevitable that you will have a scar. However, the scar varies in degree and in length. If you are interested in buttock augmentation, you must know all about the scar that the surgery can give you. Normally, the surgeon can give you the overview but the end scar will still depend on different factors such as the type of procedure done, the reaction of the body, and how the wound is cared for.

Each patient that wants to undergo buttock augmentation is unique in their own way. Even the most experienced plastic surgeon cannot tell you exactly what your scars will look like. The only sure thing is that the surgery will definitely leave you a scar as the procedure can damage the skin and the tissue. Even if the surgeon used a special technique that aims to minimize scarring, your body’s own response to the intervention can definitely affect the result. Also, the way you take care of your wounds highly matters, too.

The buttock augmentation can be done using butt implants or fat grafting which is also known as the Brazilian butt lift surgery. Let’s compare the two when it comes to scarring. The butt implant surgery often leaves two long scars whereas the fat grafting technique will produce smaller sized scars. The degree of scarring can also be affected by the body itself. Some people may develop large and raised scars, while others don’t. The scar can also worsen if there is an infection at the incision site.

That is why it is really important that you know what each type of buttock augmentation surgery can do to your body before you decide. Especially if you don’t want to have thick and long scars, you must listen to your surgeon very well.







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