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Why do scars widen after a tummy tuck?

Once the patients are briefed by their surgeons about the inevitable fact of having scars after the tummy tuck surgery, the most frequently asked question is, do the scars widen after the procedure? Well, the answer depends on the location of the scar.

Oftentimes, the location of the scar falls below the abdomen at the bikini line. However, the location is also dependent on the patient’s skin tone. As the scar shifts, the top part is brought down and the lower part is brought up. Both parts meet after the incision has been closed.

In this intervention, the patients cannot decide where the scars should be placed. The type of your skin tone will do. There is also a high possibility that the scar can get wide after the surgery. There are even cases when patients do a comparison between tummy tuck scars and C-section. But they have big differences. What makes the scar widen is the tension on the closure of the tummy tuck scar. When the skin is excised and pulled down, the closure results in a certain degree of tension.

Because of the pulling of the downward and upward vector, the tension can cause the scar to widen even after the incision has closed. You are not so lucky if you have a tight skin tone as it will not be stretched that much which means increased tension in the closure. Surgeons have developed techniques that can a better scar. During the intervention, the incision needs to be closed in multiple layers.

Your actions during the recovery period also matter a lot. You will need to walk with your hips flexed in order to lessen the tension of the closure. Wide scars are rare but are possible and are one of the common complications for patients with tight skin tone.













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