Signs You Should Avoid The Tummy Tuck

20th Nov 2018

The tummy tuck is a major plastic surgery procedure, and I use some strict rules to determine your candidacy. Many patients come to me asking whether there are any signs that they should avoid the procedure. On the other hand, many people presume that the tummy tuck is a straightforward surgery and that anyone can undergo the procedure.
During the pre-operative consultation, I will examine your abdomen to be sure whether you require the tummy tuck. If I see that your belly has become saggy due to factors like weight changes, pregnancy, genetics, aging, or gravity, I may consider you for the tummy tuck. However, I will then assess your candidacy using certain other criteria as well.
I will ask you whether you are pregnant or want to get pregnant after the tummy tuck. If it turns out that you are pregnant or plan to get pregnant, I will advise you to avoid the tummy tuck until your baby is born and you no longer want to have more babies. Many people ask me why I use this criterion. The answer is that the tummy tuck is highly invasive and traumatic. It means if you undergo surgery when pregnant, it will be life-threatening not only for you but also for your baby. Also, pregnancy after the surgery will reverse the results achieved via the tummy tuck, meaning your abdomen will become saggy again.
Next, I will assess your overall health to check whether you are suffering from any severe health conditions. If you have particular health problems, it is a sign you should avoid the surgery. For example, if you have severe heart disease, it can expose you to life-threatening complications during the procedure. Since the tummy tuck is an elective procedure, I recommend people with chronic health problems to avoid the surgery.
Next, I will analyze your goals and expectations. Remember, the tummy tuck can restore your firmer and youthful abdomen, but it is not a magic or miracle that can transform you into another person or make you a celebrity. If you have such expectations from the surgery, it is unrealistic and I would advise you to avoid the procedure.
Also, if you plan to lose weight after the surgery, I may tell you not to undergo the tummy tuck because weight loss can also reverse the results achieved with the tummy tuck. You should first lose weight and then consider undergoing the tummy tuck.

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