Silicone tape for scars

Silicone tape for scars

12th Jan 2019

Silicone Tape For Scars


Scars will always be a major concern for patients undergoing a plastic surgery procedure. Researchers are always trying to find optimal ways to deal with scarring, but this specific issue cannot be fully eliminated from the process. Most surgeons try to keep the incisions as small as possible so the patient can have smaller scars after the surgery. Also, they try to hide them as much as possible from clear sight. A buttock augmentation can be done through small incisions between the buttocks, or a breast augmentation can be done with well-hidden incisions, but having no scars at all is literally impossible.

In terms of new developments, most scars can be hidden pretty well using silicone sheets. This solution was hotly debated in the beginning, but recent studies showed that patients who used silicone sheets improved the scar appearance by 200% compared to patients who did not used them. The experiment compared the result from a tummy tuck procedure. A patient who used silicone tapes for almost 12 weeks after the procedure had an improvement in the appearance of the scar.

Silicone sheet use is recommended during a transition process. First, the patient will be asked to use paper tape right after the procedure and moving to silicone-based products after the wound has healed. However, you need to understand that both do not show an improvement in scar healing; only an improvement in the scar’s appearance. A transition period is required as silicone applied right after the surgery can sometimes slow down the wound healing process and even create further complications.

In order for you to have a clear view, you need to understand the wound healing process. During your first week, the wound will be swollen and it will look a bit reddish. This happens because your own body is releasing chemicals towards the affected area to try to heal the wound. Several chemicals are created by your body during a natural immune response. Also, you may experience some liquid accumulation, and in some cases, when a major procedure takes place, a drain tube is required during your first 48 hours.

As your tissue recovers, your body will stop creating a lot of chemicals and your incision will start losing that reddish color. This is the moment when the area around the incision will get a more pink color. It can take up to one or two months for this color to fade to normal skin color. A silicone tape used during this period can be beneficial. With time, the scar will fade more into the rest of the skin color surrounding it, creating a better aesthetic result. A less prominent scar is always something that a patient will desire and treating the wound accordingly can help in the process. If you are smoking, stop at least three weeks before the procedure and after, and try to stick with the medical recommendation. Your final result will greatly depend on it.


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