Sustaining the results of butt enhancement procedures

Sustaining the results of butt enhancement procedures

03rd Feb 2022

Butt enhancement procedures are performed on a daily basis all over the United States nowadays. There are multiple procedures that are very popular, including butt implant surgery and the Brazilian butt lift. Sustaining the result of butt enhancement procedures is dependent on the type of procedure. For example, the post-care for butt implant surgery is different compared to butt reduction with liposuction or fat grafting to the buttocks. 

Sustaining the results after butt augmentation with implants is probably the easiest as the volume of the implants will not change whatever the physical transformations the patient goes through. Also, the butt is unlikely to become saggy soon after getting implants. So if you want permanent results that require completely no effort to be sustained, the best option is definitely butt implant surgery. 

However, it is important to keep in mind that even after butt implant surgery, there is a period of a few weeks (up to a few months) with limited mobility, especially in terms of doing intense physical activities, sleeping on the back, and sitting directly on the buttocks. During the first three weeks post-op, the results can be altered if the patient doesn’t follow this recommendation, so it is important to have this in mind when scheduling the procedure.

The results of fat transfer to the buttocks are more difficult to sustain. The results of fat grafting are dependent on the weight fluctuations of the patient. If weight fluctuations of more than 2 kg per month occurs, the results can be altered. This means that the procedure is not recommended for patients with a history of being unable to maintain a constant weight for a long period of time or patients who are unhappy with their present weight. 

The results can be negatively impacted both if weight gain or weight loss occurs, so there are no happy scenarios when it comes to weight fluctuations. The recommendations for the initial recovery period are the same as in the case of butt implant surgery. Patients are strongly advised not to smoke so as not to kill the fat cells that were transferred and are advised to not sleep on the back or sit on the buttocks. Intense physical exercises are to be avoided for a minimum of six to eight weeks, or until the plastic surgeon considers that the fat cells have developed a new blood network that will ensure their survival in the area where they were transferred.

The results of liposuction on the buttocks can be sustained if the patient is committed to avoiding weight gain afterwards, just like any other liposuction procedure.

A talented and experienced plastic surgeon will recommend the butt enhancement procedure that is most suitable for your particular case and will advise you on sustaining the results in the long run.

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