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28th Jul 2017

Watch Out for Wound Opening After Surgery

After a plastic surgery, all incisions made are sutured and are required to be given time to heal. In rare instances, the wound can open up. When this happens, it is important to let your surgeon know immediately and get...

24th Jul 2017

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is a procedure in which fat is harvested from different areas of the body where it is abundant. Once the fat is harvested, it is then processed before it can be injected into a different area of the...

19th Jul 2017

Get up and move after plastic surgery

It gets worse before it gets better. That also applies in plastic surgery recovery. Before you can reach the point where you start to really feel good about your plastic surgery results, you will first have to endure days of...

17th Jul 2017

Plastic surgery interventions during the holidays

While virtually all women want to have aesthetically appealing and youthful bodies, it actually takes time and thorough planning to achieve the knockout body of your dreams. If are you considering a plastic surgery procedure, you must choose a time...

14th Jul 2017

The importance of choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon

In an age where plastic surgery is popular and acceptance is common, there is a rise in the number of clinics offering plastic surgery services. While it greatly helps the industry, not to mention, the number of lives enhanced and...

12th Jul 2017

Body Rejuvenation Procedures

Both men and women aspire to look younger as they age. It is a goal for most people to try to slow down or turn back the aging process as much as they can. Although we still can’t completely stop...

10th Jul 2017

Can I have fat transferred to any area of the body?

The fat transfer or fat grafting increases the mass of body parts lacking volume. The excess fat in another area will be transferred to the targeted area to lessen the risk of the body rejecting the transferred fat. With the...

07th Jul 2017

Exploring the options for fat removal from the body

Most people are conscious about the shape and silhouette of their body. Due to their desire to look fit and attractive, they do their best to remove any excess fat. This is possible through regular exercise and a proper diet....