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29th Sep 2017

Limitations of breast augmentation

In order to improve the appearance of the breasts, many women opt to undergo a breast augmentation surgery. It is a popular and very common plastic surgery that women want to go through to improve the shape and silhouette of...

02nd Sep 2017

When breast implants don’t settle

Introduction Women who consider getting a breast implant surgery must understand that implants change over time. A majority of patients often misunderstand changes such as implant settling, bungling, and drooping, and these results may not be seen immediately. The breasts...

29th Aug 2017

Alternative breast augmentation procedure

Introduction There are several women who would like to improve the size, shape and appearance of their breasts without silicone implants in order to avoid all of the complications that come with the use of silicone gel implants. This alternative...

26th Aug 2017

Enhancing the Breasts through Natural Supplements

Introduction Many women dream of having the perfect breasts but despite knowing that plastic surgery is the only means to realize their dream, they insist on searching for alternative methods of breast enhancement. Having apprehensions about undergoing surgery is reasonable...

22nd Aug 2017

Facts about the breast augmentation procedure

Introduction Since the prehistoric ages, the human species has always been fascinated with the concept of beauty. Humans have evolved from using face paint and makeshift accessories to the use of makeup and jewelry crafted from the finest metals and...

21st Aug 2017

10 things you should know about silicone implants

Introduction Breast augmentation surgery using silicone implants is one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States. Many women aspire to undergo this surgery to enhance the appearance of their breasts and to correct particular flaws. This...

19th Aug 2017

10 Important Things to Consider Before Breast Enhancement Surgery

Introduction Breast augmentation surgery remains the most requested plastic surgery intervention in the United States. The number of patients who undergo this surgical procedure increases with each passing year and it seems that more and more people are encouraged to...

17th Aug 2017

Surgical Options for Breast Augmentation

Introduction In a society that holds aesthetics in high regard, people are becoming increasingly conscious of their outward appearance. It is evident that physically attractive men and women are given better treatment and more opportunities than the average person. This...