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Techniques used for the thigh lift

Do you dream to have a star body but you just have that sagging skin especially on your thighs? Usually, sagging skin occurs after you’ve lost weight significantly. This part of the body can be quite disgusting, right? Thankfully, I have developed a procedure that can improve your thighs and make them look slim and smooth again.

Thigh lift procedure is originally intended for both women and men that have a considerable skin laxity in the internal area of the thighs. The goal of the procedure is to lessen the skin laxity. Over the years, I have developed several techniques to perform a thigh lift. One involves a lifting at the level of the thighs that consists of the ascension of the tissues usually in the internal area. The excess skin will be removed. This will, of course, leave a scar in the inguinal area and/or in the fold under the buttocks.

This kind of intervention requires the use of general anesthesia. Depending on the patient’s condition, thigh lift procedure can also be performed on other parts of the body, usually in the buttocks. Often, the procedure is assisted by liposuction and the surgeon needs to remove the excess skin from the interior of the thigh as well.

There are also different types of incision. The surgeon needs to assess the patient’s body first to see what particular areas need to be treated and what level of correction would best suit the patient’s goal and aesthetic condition.

Usually, the incisions for the internal thigh lift are done in the inguinal area. In the event that a patient requires a substantial excision of the skin, the surgeon would have to do a longitudinal incision that will be performed along the internal part of the thigh. Thanks to cosmetic surgery and say goodbye to your sagging skin!







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