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The gluteal fold

As mentioned before, there are several factors to be considered before the patient could create any expectation regarding the surgery. One of the things that contribute to the overall results after the operation has been performed is the anatomy of the patient. In the buttocks area, there is something called gluteal fold. The gluteal fold is an important anatomical area that needs to be treated differently than the other areas of the buttock. The gluteal fold is the lowest part of the buttocks. As time passes by, the gluteal fold gets saggy and some patients actually develop what is called a banana roll. The inferior gluteal fold is an anatomical area that is not supposed to be violated. If liposuction is going to be performed, this has to be done either above it or below on the posterior thigh. If the gluteal fold is liposuctioned then you might destroy these anatomical areas and then you are going to develop a saggier buttock. Paying attention to the gluteal fold is essential to have a good result.

Though it is the responsibility of the surgeon to pay attention with the gluteal fold, it would be better if you, as a patient, also know what it is and why it should be given attention. One thing that you need to realize is that regarding the gluteal fold, some patients would like to have a cuff. However, this is not technically possible unless you have some sort of minor sagginess. When the fat is injected, it creates this cuff which is very technique dependent. The gluteal fold is an important part of your buttock that needs to be analyzed during your consultation. Meaning, it is essential, for you to let the surgeon examine your body before the surgery so that he will identify your needs based on your anatomy.







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