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The importance of follow-up consultations after liposuction

Liposuction is considered as a very common procedure nowadays. Though it is not as complicated as the other surgical procedures, taking care of yourself before and after the intervention is a must. That is why follow-up consultations after the surgery must be included in your to-do-list.

It is of utmost importance that you follow your surgeon’s post-operative advice. The recovery period for liposuction is different from one patient to another. Most patients are advised by their surgeons to go back to work after a week. However, that only happens when you have taken care of yourself in the best way possible.

Because liposuction can leave you with bruising and swelling, you will be instructed to do some post-operative methods such as wearing of compression garments for the first two weeks. You will also be told to stay hydrated and of course, to shower each day to keep the incision sites clean. During the first two days, you will need help from someone to shower as you would feel a little dizzy once the compression garment is removed.

You also have to avoid sitting for long periods of time for almost two months. This is to avoid creases from forming in your abdominal skin. After a week, you can resume doing mild exercise but certainly not those rigorous activities. You will also feel ridging and hardening lumps. When these happen, your surgeon will tell you how massage can help prevent these things. Even if you don’t feel any of these, going back to your surgeon for follow-up consultations still play a big role in your full recovery. From food to medications that you will take during the recovery period, you have to carefully consider the prescriptions of your surgeon so as not to suffer further complication down the road. You have the big responsibility for completing your recovery and if you do not do follow up consultations; you will never know if you have healed properly or not.







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