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0 Comment February 1, 2017

The wish picture on buttock augmentation

Every woman is beautiful on her own, unique way. However, the society has set some standards regarding what beauty is all about. Even if beauty is subjective, some women get affected by what others are saying about them, lowering their self-esteem. Luckily, more and more surgical techniques are being developed as the day passes by. With the help of surgical procedures, any woman who wishes to enhance any of their body parts can now be achieved. However, if you are one of those women who is planning to go through surgical procedures, you need to understand that you cannot achieve all your desires because every surgery has limitations.

Every patient has a “wish picture” which shows her expectations regarding the surgery. However, having a wish picture is not advisable because it causes disappointment to the patient. Some surgeons believe that it is the most negative factor affecting the patient’s happiness. How? When you want to enhance your body and you want to copy the body of the woman whom you saw in Instagram or any social media platform, you will expect that you will have the same body as the woman after the surgery. However, if not copied, all you will feel is a disappointment. More likely, you will blame the surgeon for not achieving the body shape that you have been dreaming of. You should avoid this because every patient has different anatomy. Your anatomy plays a vital role in the surgery.

Observe the pictures you see on Instagram. There is a high possibility that some of those pictures are photoshopped. How wide your hips will get and how big your buttock will be cannot be reprocessed with a wish picture. Performing a real physical exam and determining your anatomy, your skin tone, and elasticity is more important than a wish picture when it comes to identifying the results that you are going to have.







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