Tips and tricks for butt augmentation recovery period

Tips and tricks for butt augmentation recovery period

21st Jan 2022

The buttock augmentation procedure is very much in demand nowadays. It can be performed with gluteal implants made out of silicone or with the patient’s own fat cells. Whatever the method, the recovery period entails pretty much the same requirements for patients. Today, we’ll have a look at some tips and tricks for the butt augmentation recovery period:

1.    Use ice packs

Patients are not always aware of the fact that one of the normal side effects of any surgical procedure is bruising and swelling. When it comes to butt augmentation, patients will also experience swelling and also a certain level of pain. Applying ice packs on the buttocks on the first 24 to 48 hours post-op can significantly reduce the swelling and also alleviate the pain that can occur. If the butt augmentation was performed with fat, make sure to use the ice packs on areas treated with liposuction as well. Never apply the ice packs directly on the skin that was treated with surgery to avoid damage to the skin. Use a cotton cloth under the ice pack to avoid the dressings getting wet. 

2.    Take the medication as prescribed

Many patients might be surprised to notice that upon waking from the general anesthesia, there is little pain to be experienced. However, it is often around the time when they get home from the hospital that the pain starts to occur as this is when the effects of the anesthesia are starting to fade. The pain can be more intense after butt augmentation with implants compared to fat transfer, and this is completely normal. When implants are used, the plastic surgeon needs to section the gluteal muscles to insert the implants inside them. The healing of the muscle is more painful compared to the healing of fat and skin tissues. Also, in the case of butt implant surgery, there is a higher risk of developing an infection as the incisions are close to the anus, an area prone to bacterial proliferation. In this case, the plastic surgeon will also prescribe antibiotics aside from the analgesic medication prescribed to help patients manage the pain. 

3.    Lots and lots of pillows can help

Resting on the bed and sleeping can be difficult in the first few days after butt augmentation surgery, especially if it is combined with fat transfer to the hips. This means that the patient can only rest on the tummy and the back, and the sides are completely off limits. This can be uncomfortable and also difficult to get in and out the bed for a day or two. This is why it might help to have lots and lots of pillows around and use them to support the body. 

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