Tips and tricks to better prepare for plastic surgery

Tips and tricks to better prepare for plastic surgery

29th Nov 2018

Plastic surgery is performed on an elective basis. This means that the patient has time to prepare, unlike with surgical procedures performed on an emergency basis. Appropriate preparation is essential for the success of plastic surgery and a smooth recovery process.

Each stage of the process of improving your aesthetic appearance with the help of plastic surgery plays an important role in the end result of the procedure. So the pre-operative and post-operative stages are just as important as the operation itself.

In this article, we will discuss a few tips and tricks to better prepare for plastic surgery that will help you make sure you maximize the results.

General recommendations to follow before plastic surgery

Each patient is different, and we all have different preferences and lifestyle options. But before plastic surgery, most experienced plastic surgeons will recommend a similar conduct for their patients. The pre-operative recommendations are made to promote healing and to help the patient avoid complications that could be prevented.

Choose a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet

This might seem like something very general and not overly important before plastic surgery, but diet is actually one of the most important factors when considering the speed of your recovery. A body that receives all the nutrients it requires will heal faster and better compared to a body on a strict diet or struggles with an excess of calories. A healthy and balanced diet and practicing physical exercise regularly before surgery can contribute to the success of your operation and also help you sustain the results of your procedure for longer.

And since we have mentioned lifestyle choices, now is a good time to talk about smoking. Many patients don’t understand why their plastic surgeon asks about smoking even from the first meeting. Smoking can considerably delay the recovery process and also trigger other significant complications such as wound opening and even skin or fat tissue necrosis. Smoking should be ceased or considerably reduced at least four weeks before undergoing plastic surgery to promote healing. The components of tobacco have adverse effects on blood circulation and can complicate the operation.

Get all the information you need about the procedure

During the preoperative consultation, the surgeon and the patient discuss at length to determine the motivations and expectations of the patient. The precise surgical recommendation is set by the cosmetic surgeon, and he sets the objectives in terms of results. In other words, it is during the pre-operative consultation that the patient finds out most if not all of the details about the procedure and what to expect in terms of results. Getting all the necessary information is recommended to help you better manage the pre-operative anxiety and lower the intensity of the post-operative stress that can occur. It is important to know that in the case of many plastic surgery procedures, the results that are visible immediately after are not the final results. It can take three months and up to a year to notice the final results of the procedure. This is the reason why patient must prepare with patience even before undergoing the procedure.

Having plastic surgery is the dream of many people who spend years saving for a procedure that will literally give them a new look. During all these years, there is a tendency to prepare financially for the operation and to neglect the mental preparation.

After dreaming of surgery so long, fear sets in before the big event happens. Although this is normal, there are some tips that can help reduce anxiety before the big day and being fully aware and informed of what is going to happen at all times is an important one.

I always tell my patients that an informed patient is a patient ready to undergo plastic surgery. Even if some questions sound silly, don’t hesitate to ask them. You deserve answers about what you are going to face. You may want to write down some of the answers you may want to read later to help you understand them and be less afraid.

Prepare for the post-operative stage

It is recommended to have someone with you after your surgery. There should be someone who will take you home and if possible stay with you for a few days after, just to take care of you and help you with the chores around the house. What many patients don’t know or fully understand is that after a major plastic surgery procedure such as a tummy tuck, breast or buttock implant surgery, there will be a certain level of pain and discomfort for at least a few days. This means that chances are you won’t feel like yourself or eager to resume your daily activities as soon as you get home after surgery. Moreover, the plastic surgeon will recommend moderation and even to avoid certain activities that can put you at risk of developing complications or unnecessary pain. For example, after breast surgery it is advised to avoid significant arm movement, lifting heavy objects from the floor, and even stretching the arms to open or close the door of a car. Not following these recommendations might cause pain that could otherwise be avoided.

It will also be helpful to prepare your home for your recovery period. These include healthy foods stocked in the fridge, pillows, magazines to pass the time, movies for entertainment, and so on. Knowing that you have everything taken care of before driving to the medical facility will give you some peace of mind and make you feel more relaxed before the surgery.

Your plastic surgeon will tell you how much time you need to take off from work after plastic surgery. The time-off from work is dependent on the type of procedure you will have and the type of job you do. For example, if you are having a buttock augmentation and you work in an office, chances are the plastic surgeon will advise you to take at least two weeks off. During the first weeks following butt surgery, it is not recommended to sit or rest on the buttocks, so if your job requires you to sit in a chair for eight hours a day, you should take a long holiday before returning to work. At the same time, if your work requires a considerable level of physical activity, your plastic surgeon will probably advise you to resume it 4 to 6 weeks after surgery if the procedure was a complex one.

Secret of a good preparation for plastic surgery

Some call it a trick, others a well-kept secret. What I am talking about is keeping a positive mind frame during all stages of the procedure. Visualize the beautiful results that will be achieved with the help of your plastic surgeon. Be positive when talking about the procedure you will undergo. Morale plays an important role when it comes to many aspects of our lives, and plastic surgery is no different. Being positive can help you have a shorter recovery process and achieve more satisfactory results after your plastic surgery procedure.


With all the stress and excitement accumulating before surgery, it is normal to feel drained or depressed before or after plastic surgery. This is the reason why pre-operative preparations are essential to help you feel better after surgery and have good morale even before the procedure is performed.

There are certain instructions that will be given by your plastic surgeon, and they often cover all the details about the patient’s conduct before the surgery. Preparing the house for your return home, having a balanced and healthy eating and living regimen before the surgery, and finding out all the information about the procedure will help you feel prepared to undergo plastic surgery that will take you one step closer to having the body you have always dreamt of.

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