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0 Comment February 1, 2017

Top heavy and buttock results

Some patients who undergo any kind of surgical operation depend on the results of the surgeon and the procedure, itself, without understanding that the success of the operation also depends on the patient’s surgeon. Not all can be a candidate for some procedures. Aside from that, did you know that the results of buttock augmentation on the hourglass shape also depend on the overall aesthetic and the balance between the torsos on the lower part of your body? Many patients possess a certain characteristic which is commonly called as top heavy. It means that the width of the shoulders is significantly larger than the width of the buttock itself. When the procedure is performed, the surgeon needs to pay attention to the overall aesthetic of the bottom half of the body and the top half of the body. The surgeon is responsible for paying attention to these parts. But as a patient, you also have to aware of this.

Unfortunately, some patients are top heavy meaning even though they have fat on the back, the surgeon is not going to be able to change the width of the shoulder and this is mainly muscle and bone. So even if you get improvement in the buttock with a better shape, you will still look disproportionate when you compare the lower half of your body with the top half. The only thing the surgeon can do is perform liposuction to remove fat from those areas with excessive fat and inject fat in areas of deficiency. You need to understand the limitations of the procedure, your body anatomy, your muscles, the distance between the shoulders and the width of the buttock area in order to understand the reasons of having a great result with a balanced sexy figure. You cannot blame the surgeon if your desired body shape is not achieved because your anatomy will also contribute to the results.







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