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0 Comment February 8, 2017

Tummy tuck constricted belly button

Whether you are planning to undergo the tummy tuck procedure or not, you must know the after results that it can bring once you have decided to try the surgical procedure. There are patients who suffer from a constricted belly button. This is when the belly button becomes very small after the surgery. There are few reasons why the belly button becomes constricted. For you to understand better here is the explanation. The belly button is a circle and when it is closed there is a scar on the belly button. During the healing process, the tension tends to pull the belly button towards the midline. When the pull is very strong, it results in a constricted belly button.

There are instances that the tension caused by the closure affects the look of the belly button. This is solved through the injection of Kenalog in the scar, which is a steroid. If the treatment fails, the surgeon will have to revise the belly button through a surgery. It can be done in the clinic under local anesthetic. Know that when your belly button is constricted, it only means that the top of the belly button, the hole or the opening is small. Worry not because underneath, you still have a normal-sized bellybutton. Take note that it is just the surface or top part.

There is a need to perform a scar revision to open the area. With a scar revision, the scar is cut around the belly button. As soon as the scar is removed, the belly button stalks completely. Since a new hole is created, the opening is sutured back to the upper part of the stalk recreating the belly button. Kenalog injection is advisable after performing the revision of a constricted belly button because it will help prevent it from occurring again.


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