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Tummy tuck constricted belly button

In order for you to achieve the star body that you want, you need to have a deeper understanding of aesthetic procedures and important matters like having a constricted belly button. To enhance the abdomen, one of the most common aesthetic procedures that you may undergo is a tummy tuck. In this technique, the excess skin below the belly button is removed. Once this is done, the muscle of the abdomen tightens and the excess fat is removed. The result will be a scar placed in the lower abdomen that you can hide in your underwear. In the hourglass technique, liposuction is done to make the waist smaller and to transfer the fat to the hips to achieve the ultimate hourglass shape.

Just like in any other cosmetic surgery, complications may occur. One of the common issues associated with a tummy tuck is a constricted belly button, which means the belly button gets very small. Why does the belly button become smaller? This happens when a new belly button is created. When the incision is performed where the new belly button is going to be located, the belly button is pulled through this new hole and sutured. Since the belly button has a circular geometry, the healing forces tend to direct toward the midline. Remember that as the scar heals, there is a chance for it to contract because of fibroblast, collagen and the new scar formed around the belly button.

As the scar contracts, the size of the belly button diminishes. There is nothing to worry about constricted belly buttons. If this happens to you, there is a Kenalog injection that you could try to keep the belly button open. Just be careful because when the belly button gets so small, it can actually obliterate the belly button completely.


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