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Tummy tuck results

Some patients who undergo surgical procedures become unsatisfied with the after results. This is because their expectations are not met, not knowing that they lack knowledge of the said procedures. This is why it is very important to consult with a surgeon first before the patient undergo the tummy tuck procedure. One of the reasons why patients come to the clinic to have a tummy tuck is because they want to have all the stretch marks removed caused by pregnancy. It is possible to get rid of these marks yet there is no guarantee that all surgeons can do this. It still depends on the patient.

Your abdomen will be examined by the surgeon. Your surgeon will be able to determine if you are going to have stretch marks after the surgery or none at all. A tummy tuck procedure involves making an incision in the lower abdomen, which is done in the midline. It is important to know that only the excess skin below the belly button is removed. The surgeon cannot cut your whole abdomen because it will be difficult to close after surgery. Consequently, if only the skin below the belly button is removed, the skin above the belly button will act as your new abdomen.

As a result, the location of your stretch marks will determine if a tummy tuck will resolve this. Know that the skin above the belly button will not be touched. The tummy tuck will give you a tighter belly with no excess skin. Remember, there is no doubt that a tummy tuck is capable of removing stretch marks and creating a flatter abdomen. But it still depends on where the stretch marks are located. As a patient, you have to know this piece of information for you to prepare yourself for the after results and for you to be able to manage your expectations.


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