Tummy tuck risk in plastic surgery

26th Oct 2018

The tummy tuck is a major operation. There are a number of risks associated with the surgery, which is why it is necessary to first analyze the risks against the benefits of the surgery before making a final decision to go under the knife.
In fact, the risks associated with the tummy tuck are greater than other plastic surgery procedures because it involves the surgical excision of skin and fat from your abdomen—apart from tampering with the abdominal wall muscles—and is highly invasive.
In my practice, I always recommend patients to consider the intervention only as a last option and only when the benefits of the procedure are greater than the risks. The serious risks associated with the tummy tuck include blood clotting, excessive bleeding, infection, excessive swelling, poor wound healing, internal organ injury, unsightly scars, and cardiac and respiratory complications.
Since the procedure is highly invasive, there is a risk you may experience a change in or loss of skin sensation if the nerves are injured or damaged. The change or loss in skin sensation can be permanent or temporary. Furthermore, the procedure is performed under general anesthesia, which means the risk of anesthetic reaction is always there.
Give the risks associated with the tummy tuck, patients go through an extreme vetting process to qualify for the intervention. You should be sure to consider the surgery for all the right reasons. Keep in mind that tummy tuck is not a weight loss method but purely a body contouring procedure.
During the consultation session, the plastic surgeon will examine your body and assess your overall health to determine your candidacy for the intervention. If you are suffering from health issues like diabetes, heart disease, respiratory problems, a blood disorder, or autoimmune disorder, be sure to bring this to the knowledge of the surgeon so that the risks may be contained and precautionary measures can be taken during the operation.
The risks are greater for patients who have a poor health condition and those taking certain medications like aspirin, supplements, anti-inflammatory drugs, etc.
If you are pregnant, the tummy tuck will be life-threatening not only for you but also for your baby. Before the surgery, you will be required to undergo a number of medical tests, including a pregnancy test for women. On the basis of the reports, the risks will be assessed and precautionary measures will be taken during the surgery.

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