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Types of anesthesia used in liposuction

Any surgical procedure especially if it is a major operation requires anesthesia, whether it is a general anesthesia or not. It is unavoidable that some patients have a fear of anesthesia. If you are planning to undergo liposuction, you have to tell your surgeon if you have a fear on it or none. Take note that there are different types of anesthesia used in liposuction and what surgeons provide to patients vary depending on the goal of the procedure. Consider that you have a very small area of excess fat like you have a localized pocket. The said area can be corrected with a localized liposuction under local anesthesia. The more fat you can remove, the lesser the chance that you can perform liposuction under local anesthesia.

There is a numbing medication that is used in the procedure. This is called lidocaine. This can be very high in concentration and can be toxic, causing arrhythmia and death. The surgeon must use their judgment to determine which type of anesthesia will be the most appropriate for you. 99% of patients have liposuction under general anesthesia. The main reason for this is because the hourglass techniques require a significant amount of liposuction in order to sculpt the body. An example of this is when the liposuction is performed on the waist area, a significant amount of fat needs to be removed. Under local anesthetic, you are not going to be able to handle the back and forth movement of the small tube called the cannula that is required to suck all the fat out.

It is recommended that whenever liposuction is performed for an hourglass procedure, general anesthetic is the best option. General anesthetics put you to sleep but are extremely safe as vital signs will be monitored, so there is a very small chance that something wrong can happen. This allows the surgeon to perform a wonderful job, making sure that you are comfortable during the procedure to get the best results.







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