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Understanding buttock and hip

Many patients undergo surgical operations without having a full understanding regarding the procedure. Some of them only focus on one thing instead of paying attention to every detail. An example of this is regarding buttock augmentation. Some patients want a larger behind. They focus on the projection without paying attention to the shape of the buttocks. Little do you know that the shape is always better than projection. Why? Let’s say that you have a larger behind yet your buttocks are square-shaped. Your behind will look big but it will not look very sexy and pretty. This is why the hourglass buttock augmentation is better than the Brazilian buttock augmentation.

Before you undergo any of your preferred surgical operation, you need to understand what is the hip and what is the buttock, how they are related and why do you need to pay attention to both of these areas. For starters, you need to understand that the buttock and the hips are two different anatomical areas. In other words, the fat is needed for buttock projection on the central part and the shape on the lateral side or on the side as well as if you want hips that is actually on the front view, which is different than the back view. Meaning, if you want to enhance both of your hips and buttock, you need to have more fat and not everybody can get these. So when you come to your plastic surgeon, be prepared to answer two questions: Do you want to have hips? Do you want to have hips and butt or only butt? If you do not have enough fat, you are going to compromise, because the fat that goes in the hips does not go in the buttock. You have to understand these things to avoid disappointment.







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