Unrealistic expectations from butt augmentation surgery

Unrealistic expectations from butt augmentation surgery

08th Jun 2019



Women with sensuous and prominent booties are always at the center of attention these days because they meet modern-day beauty standards and look more feminine and sexier. But the fact is that not all women get shapelier and bigger buttocks innately. Many women have smaller and poorly shaped buttocks, which often becomes a cause of concern because it affects their body image and self-confidence. Furthermore, the condition keeps them from meeting modern beauty standards.

Buttock augmentation is one of the most well-known and practical options for women to enhance their derriere and look more feminine and sexier. The surgery involves the use of artificial implants or your body fat to help you achieve the buttocks of your dreams. However, to be satisfied with the results, you need to have realistic expectations.


Your expectations and the surgery

What you expect from the surgery will be discussed during the pre-operative consultation. The plastic surgeon will examine your buttocks, assess your health and ask you how the aesthetic shortcomings in your buttocks are affecting your self-esteem and what you desire to get from the procedure. The consultation is an essential session, as it allows the plastic surgeon to know your goals and expectations.

Keep in mind that every person has a unique body and you will not get the same results as someone else. To know why, you must understand what the procedure involves. Buttock augmentation with implants involves incisions on your buttocks. The implants are available in many sizes, and it is essential to select the right implant size for you to achieve your aesthetic goals. Now, this is where your expectations play a critical role.

Many patients bring pictures of their favorite celebrities to the pre-operative consultation and ask the surgeon to sculpt their buttocks in a way that makes them look like the celebrity. For example, many women are inspired by the derriere of Kim Kardashian and want to get similar buttocks and curves. However, the fact is that while the surgery can enhance your buttocks, making them bigger and voluptuous, it will not make you look like your favorite celebrity.

Every person has a unique body size and shape. Your buttock dimensions and anatomy are different, which means the results will be different. The plastic surgeon will sculpt your buttocks in light of your existing anatomy and butt shape and dimensions. If the surgeon tries to make your buttocks look like that of your favorite celebrity, the results will be worse. In such a case, your buttocks will look abnormal and weird because your booty will not be in tune with your existing body features. A good plastic surgeon will always encourage you to have realistic expectations and will enhance your buttocks in a way that goes well with your body type and features. The goal is to achieve a balance and harmony between your buttocks and other body features so that the results can look natural and satisfying.

The implants are selected in light of your existing anatomy and butt dimensions. Of course, your aesthetic goals are taken into account, but you must avoid unrealistic expectations. After making the incisions, the surgeon will put the implants inside the buttocks through those incisions. The incisions are then sutured and closed. It is essential to keep in mind that implants are used to increase the size of the buttocks and add more projection and volume to them. If your goal is to get bigger buttocks, you should consider getting butt implants.

On the other hand, fat transfer is for patients who want to achieve shapelier buttocks with mild projection. The procedure involves liposuction of the fat donor sites. The fat collected during liposuction is then processed and purified and then carefully injected into the buttocks. Like butt implant surgery, it is vital for the patient to have realistic expectations from the fat transfer surgery.


What results to expect

Buttock augmentation surgery is a reliable and valid procedure that can make your buttocks bigger, curvaceous, and sexy. The procedure can contour your buttocks so that you can appear youthful, more feminine, and full of energy. But the procedure is not for every female. You must meet the candidacy requirements and have realistic, reasonable, and achievable goals. During the pre-operative consultation, the plastic surgeon will explain to you the results you should expect to achieve.

The results will not be fully visible instantly. It takes time for the results to show. When the swelling disappears and your buttocks fully heal, the results will become visible. If your plastic surgeon is experienced and you have realistic goals, you can expect your buttocks to appear bigger and shapelier and achieve harmony between your butt anatomy and other body features. The results will slowly emerge as time passes.

If your buttocks are flat or square, you can expect to get fuller, rounder, and bigger buttocks after the surgery. If your buttocks were somehow saggy, you could expect the sagginess to disappear and your buttocks to look firmer and perky. When your buttocks are enhanced, you can also fit appropriately into your clothes and be able to wear your favorite outfits. On the whole, you can expect your physical features and anatomy to look natural and balanced. The improvement in your buttocks will also help enhance your overall body outline. The curves added to your backside will supplement your feminine features, and you will look more fertile and attractive.

It is also essential to have realistic expectations when it comes to the sustainability or longevity of the results. If you get butt implants, the results will stay with you permanently as long as significant complications like implant infection and capsular contracture don’t occur. On the other hand, if you get fat transfer, the results can be affected due to considerable weight loss and carelessness during the recovery.


Expectations about the surgical trauma and recovery

Many patients hold unrealistic expectations about how buttock augmentation is performed. Some people think buttock augmentation is a simple, risk-free, and straightforward procedure. They often mistake it with things like putting on makeup. If you also feel like this, then your expectations about the surgery are unrealistic.

The reality is that buttock augmentation is a major and invasive procedure. Like all invasive procedures, there are risks. The procedure is traumatic, and the patient is required to go through a complete recovery process. Many patients also assume that they will get butt augmentation and start their normal life right away. This is not a realistic expectation.

After surgery, the patient must take sufficient rest for two weeks. During this time, the patient must be prudent and avoid physical movements. After two weeks, you may resume work, but you still must be very careful for six weeks after the surgery.


Expectation about revision surgery

While buttock augmentation surgery provides useful and excellent results when performed by an experienced surgeon, there is always a risk that some patients will need revision or corrective surgery. It is crucial to be realistic and have an expectation for revision surgery in the future. If certain things go wrong, the patient will be required to get revision surgery.

For example, if implant infection happens or the implant gets displaced, the patient will be required to undergo a new surgery during which the problem will be treated. Furthermore, if you get fat transfer to the buttocks, there is a risk your body may absorb some portion of the fat, hence necessitating you to get touch-up fat injections to make up for the lost fat.

Moreover, if the patient experiences massive weight loss after fat transfer, the fat cells in the buttocks will shrink like the fat in other areas of the body. If the weight loss is continuous, the fat cells will be liquefied. As a result, the achieved results will be lost. In such a case, the patient will be recommended to get a revision surgery that will involve repetition of the processes involved in the initial operation.



Buttock augmentation is a popular procedure in the US. It can make your buttocks bigger and prominent by using implants or your body fat. To be a good candidate for the surgery, you must have realistic expectations from it. Many people keep unrealistic expectations about the operation, the results, and the recovery period. It is essential to accept the fact that butt augmentation surgery is a significant and invasive procedure that effectively enhances the buttocks. However, it does not transform you into another person. To be satisfied with the results, you must have reasonable, realistic, and achievable goals and expectations.


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