Wait until after children for breast implants – yes or no?

Wait until after children for breast implants – yes or no?

14th Feb 2022

The breast implants surgery is the procedure that helped millions of women get the breasts of their dreams. The procedure is performed with the use of saline solution or silicone gel implants that are inserted into the breasts in pockets created either under the mammary gland or the pectoral muscle. The procedure can be performed using different surgical techniques and often delivers impressive results when played out by a talented and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon. 

To be an eligible candidate for the breast enhancement procedure with implants performed for aesthetic purposes, the women need to be over 21 years old when silicone gel implants are used. More than this, the patient should be in good health and emotional condition, have realistic expectations from the surgery and be willing to take about two weeks off from work for the recovery period.

Before undergoing the procedure, the patient will need to meet with the plastic surgeon at least once for the pre-operative consultation. During this meeting, the plastic surgeon will ask questions about life habits such as smoking, your medical history, current medication, and potential allergies and also your weight and even the desire to get pregnant in the future.

It might be difficult to understand for some patients why such an extensive interview is needed before getting bigger breasts with the help of implants. The reality is that a responsible and experienced plastic surgeon needs to make sure that the patient is aware of the consequences of the procedure and what are the factors that can alter the results of an otherwise successful breast augmentation.

While the breast implants surgery can be performed on women as young as 21 years old, as we mentioned before, the plastic surgeon might actually advise you to wait until you are done having children before undergoing procedures at the level of the breasts. Also, this is a common question we get from patients – should they wait until after having children or not?

The general recommendation is, of course, to wait until after your family is complete to get bigger breasts as this way you can eliminate one of the factors that can damage the beautiful results achieved with the procedure.

However, it is also important to mention that for patients struggling with self-esteem issues or who feel that the quality of their lives can significantly be improved after getting breasts implants surgery, the plastic surgeon might recommend undergoing the procedure as soon as possible. In this case, the patient needs to keep in mind that she should wait at least a year after the surgery before getting pregnant and that the results of the intervention might be altered during the hormonal and weight changes that occur during pregnancy. This means that additional procedures might need to be performed after pregnancy to enhance the aspect of the breasts and correct imperfections. Also, it is worth mentioning that when the periareolar incision has been used and if big breast implants were inserted, this can affect breastfeeding.

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