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Wearing compression garments after the hourglass plastic surgery

Some of you might ask, “Why is there a need to wear compression garments after the hourglass plastic surgery?” The goal of any type of hourglass plastic surgery procedure is to help you achieve the hourglass body figure. To get a slimmer waist, wider hips, and fuller butts, you may need an hourglass tummy tuck, butt augmentation, liposuction or fat transfer. Before you consider any of these, what you have to consider first is how your recovery is going to be.

Your surgeon is the one responsible to give instructions that you need to strictly follow during your recovery from any of the hourglass procedures. In terms of post-surgical care, you will be recommended to wear elastic compression garments, which is specific to the procedure or procedures were done. The said garments are required for patients because it will make them more comfortable and it will make the healing process fast. Compression garments can enhance almost every aspect of your recovery. It helps keep the bandages and dressings stay in the right places, which in turn, will protect the incisions from risks of infections.

The reason what compression garments are advised to patients who have undergone the hourglass procedure is that it limits the movement of the tissues that were damaged or injured during the operation, thus preventing any complications from occurring. There are other benefits that you could get once you use compression garments after surgery.

Aside from it helps in the recovery process, it also reduces the risk of seroma, which is the serum or fluid that builds up in the tissue when one has undergone injury or surgery. For plastic surgery, the most important advantage of compression garments is that it decreases the swelling and bruising of the wound during recovery. Compression garments improve the aesthetic results of the hourglass surgery.







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