What to wear during recovery after breast surgery

What to wear during recovery after breast surgery

23rd Feb 2018

Breast surgery often requires hospitalization of no longer than a few hours after the patient recovers from the effects of anesthesia. Afterwards, the patient is discharged from the medical facility and can return home for the recovery period.

Many patients tend to believe that the recovery period after breast surgery is no different than a week or two off from work when you can enjoy spending time with your family and friends around or outside the house. This is not exactly what happens in reality. The first few days after the procedure can be a difficult period for the patient, and during this time the patient will often want to stay in the house and spend a lot of time in bed.

Keep in mind that lying in bed all day long is not recommended after breast surgery. The plastic surgeon will advise you to take short walks every couple of hours to avoid the formation of blood clots. After a few days, chances are you will want to take your walk outside the house and even start meeting friends as you will start feeling better and the pain and discomfort will subside. This is when you will probably notice that most of the things you used to wear as tops are no longer suitable for you now.

So, what to wear during recovery after breast surgery? First, let’s start with the mandatory: the post-op bra. For four to six weeks, the plastic surgeon will recommend you to wear a special post-op bra. This bra is to be worn nonstop and only taken off during showers. It is not necessary to get a special bra; some patients are comfortable enough with a high-quality sports bra. This bra needs to be made out of a material that will let your skin breathe to avoid skin burns and other dermatological conditions.

It should also provide a certain level of support and compression. The recommendation is not to use a wired bra during the first months after the procedure or any other type of bra aside from this compressive bra. Your breasts are probably going to be swollen and bruised for a few weeks so you will want to wear clothes that will fit your new breasts without making it difficult for you to move in them. Usually, I recommend loose shirts; you can borrow some from your husband or boyfriend if they fit you. A T-shirt is not the best idea, especially during the first few days after the procedure as it requires you to lift the arms to put on and take off and this might be uncomfortable during this time. Also, you should avoid clothes that are made out of plastic fibers as transpiration should be avoided, especially on the breasts.

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