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What you should know before scheduling your mommy makeover

Who would not want to regain the sexy body after pregnancy? Of course, no one! Every mommy who has undergone pregnancy, whether it is multiple or not, wants to regain her pre-pregnancy figure. But before someone ask for a schedule of a mommy makeover, there are many things that should be discussed. The purpose of the mommy makeover is to remodel the breasts, abdomen and other areas of the body especially to those mothers who are not satisfied with their aesthetic appearance after multiple pregnancies.

If you are planning to undergo an hourglass mommy makeover, you have to consider the following:

  1. Achieve the ideal weight or close to the ideal weight. You also need to have no weight fluctuations during the least six months.
  2. Do not plan pregnancy in the future if you do not want additional interventions.
  3. Have a good health condition.
  4. Be honest with your surgeon and tell all the details regarding your medical history, current afflictions, and medication plans.
  5. Stop smoking and the use of birth control pills. This is for you to not be allergic to any anesthesia.
  6. Take a break. Avoid working hard after the surgery. This is to help yourself to heal faster.
  7. Avoid lifting heavy objects until your body recovers.
  8. Set realistic expectations. Do not expect great results especially if you know to yourself that it is unrealistic.

Plastic surgery doesn’t turn normal patients into supermodels or celebrities. The purpose of the mommy makeover is to create a balance in the size of proportions, to eliminate the skin and fat excess and to correct the dimensions and position of the breasts. The scar will leave behind scars, bruises and swelling that will get better with time. Do not worry too much because the incisions made for the tummy tuck which is the largest one is low enough to be covered by the panty line.







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