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When can I return to, exercise or strenuous activity after

Since there are fats in the body that cannot be removed through exercise, those who are active in physical exercise also consider surgical procedures. One of the common interventions that are popular today is liposuction. For those who are into exercising but have undergone liposuction commonly ask, “When can I resume exercise?” They ask this question simply because they do not want to gain weight after the recovery. If you are one of those women who is planning to go through liposuction, take note that the recovery from liposuction is fast yet the length of recovery still varies from patient to patient.

It does not mean that after you have undergone liposuction, you will stop from being active on physical exercises. Since liposuction is not a weight loss procedure, you have to understand that resuming normal activities after liposuction is important to improve the body circulation and to enable the patient to go on with the business of daily life. Still, there are some factors that determine when you can go back to work and how soon you can go back to exercising after liposuction. One of these factors is the pain that will be felt after the intervention. If you can still experience pain and discomfort, it only means that you cannot resume to exercising. Swelling and bruising are also normal after liposuction and it could take a couple of weeks to a month before improvements can be seen. Within a few days after the surgery, the patient is advised to perform light exercises such as walking, swimming, or a stationary bike to preclude risks of clotting and minimize the adhesions of the skin and tissue.

Most patients can resume normal activities within 2 weeks. After 3 weeks, the patient can gradually introduce normal exercise routines. Just remember that you have to prohibit yourself from heavy lifting because it might bring complications. For you to get the best results, follow what your surgeon will tell you.







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