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When do you need a thigh lift?

Are you interested in undergoing a thigh lift surgery but you just can’t decide when? The thigh lift is among the most successful breakthroughs in the field of medical advances. Patients also love the quick recovery process that is associated with the intervention.

The sagginess on the thighs is normally caused by the natural aging process, hereditary factors, significant weight changes, massive weight loss following bariatric surgery (obesity surgery), and pregnancy.

The skin on your thighs is qualified as fragile. This is because of the very thin elastic fibers. If you have a nice skin tone with good and soft quality, then liposuction alone can help you achieve your desired result. But if you have a saggy skin and you don’t have enough shrinkage potential, a thigh lift would be necessary.

A woman with from saggy, flabby and drooping thighs can benefit a lot from thigh lift surgery. This is because the excess skin that is linked to a part that suffers skin ptosis will be corrected.

You would also know that you need to undergo a thigh lift procedure once you’re having severe discomforts when you are walking. When your thighs are rubbing against each other, there would be lacerations of the skin caused by friction and this can easily get you irritated.

Not only will the thigh lift surgery help you improve the aesthetic look of your legs, it can also help alleviate the dermatological conditions that make simple things such as walking complicated.

The other reason why surgeons recommend their patients to undergo a thigh lift procedure is when the patient had undergone a bariatric surgery; the patient experiences a significant loss of weight over the course of the procedures thus leaving them with saggy and quite disgusting skin. So if ever you are interested but you just can’t decide whether you need the surgery or not, just ask Dr. Hourglass.







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