When Is Excisional Butt Lift An Ideal Option?

When Is Excisional Butt Lift An Ideal Option?

26th Dec 2012

In most cases, there is no special trick to attaining a well-contoured, fuller pair of buttocks. More often than not, especially if you have gained your current buttock form after a significant weight loss, you cannot remedy your flat or small buttocks with any copious amount of exercising or dieting. The more effective strategy then to achieving firmer and fuller buttocks is through a surgical procedure. At his Houston Clinic, Dr. Wilberto G. Cortés offers several surgical options to regain or rejuvenate the form and shape of your buttocks. The bottom line goal is to harmonize the shape of your butts with your total body figure.

Brazilian butt lift and gel implants are two of the more popular butt enhancing methods these days. The Brazilian lift or fat transfer involves taking out of your own body fat to be injected to your buttocks, while gel implants are soft gel implants that come in different shapes and sizes. Popular as they are, the above methods are not always applicable or ideal in every situation. For instance, they are not viable options if you have poor skin tone and a lot of extra skin in your abdominal and buttock areas. When you lost so much weight, the tendency is for buttocks to deflate and sag and subsequently creating a large amount of excess skin. In cases like this, the recommended procedure is to perform a more traditional butt lift surgery or excisional butt lift.

The excisional buttock lift is undertaken by placing the incision precisely on the most superior aspect of the buttocks, preferably so that incision can be concealed under the underwear. Relying on proven surgical techniques and his aesthetic prowess, Board-Certified Dr. Cortés will assess your condition to provide a surgical strategy that’s customized to your cosmetic desires. His ultimate goal is to give you a buttocks makeover that is fuller, firmer and curvier to enhance or accentuate your natural curves. Moreover, Dr. Cortés will guide your steps from the pre-operation stage to the recovery period. Be sure to set up a personal consultation with Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Cortés for realistic assessments. See for yourself how an improved pair of buttocks can add a pleasant appeal on you.

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