Which is the safest method to get bigger buttocks?

Which is the safest method to get bigger buttocks?

30th Jul 2021

When it comes to butt enhancement procedures, developments in the field in the last decade have been incredible. There are procedures that specialists have tried to develop for many decades that are finally possible to be performed. Also, the results achieved are safer than ever.

When meeting the plastic surgeon for the first time, patients want to know about the safest method to get bigger buttocks. Generally speaking, the procedure that has minimal risks and is associated with few, minor complications is fat transfer to the buttocks. It uses the patients’ own fat tissue to add more volume to the butt. The procedure is usually performed with the patient under general anesthesia, just like butt implant surgery. 

After the general anesthesia takes effect, the plastic surgeon will start with the first step of the procedure: liposuction on the donor areas. There are different areas of the body that can be treated as donor areas for butt augmentation with fat. Usually, liposuction is performed on the abdominal wall and the flanks, but it can also be the thighs and the back. It depends on the patient’s anatomy and her expectations after the procedure.

The second step of fat transfer is purification of the fat cells extracted. This step is necessary to ensure that fat transfer delivers results that will last long over time. The purification process is performed with a centrifuge that will eliminate the blood, damaged fat cells and other impurities and leave behind just the healthy and pure fat cells that can be used for grafting. If the fat is not purified properly after being grafted into the buttocks, it can be reabsorbed by the body, or it can turn into granulomas, leading to unsatisfactory results. 

The last step of fat transfer is the reinjection of fat cells into the butt. The injections are performed with a special syringe and in different parts of the butt and at different depths. A special technique for fat reinjection is required to ensure satisfactory results are achieved. As you can see, fat transfer to the buttocks is a safe and rather straightforward procedure that entails minimal incisions and is associated with few risks and potential complications. 

When it comes to butt implant surgery, the procedure is associated with more risks and complications, but also safe when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon who plays out the procedure routinely. Butt implants are safe for the patient, and they don’t have a limited lifespan like breast implants do. This means that once inside the buttocks, gluteal implants can be kept for a lifetime if no complications occur.

Both butt augmentation procedures are safe when performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon; however, fat transfer to the butt is less invasive and entails less potential complications compared to butt implant surgery. 

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