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Why her buttock is bigger

Every person has different anatomy. Meaning, it is unquestionable if you will notice others having bigger or smaller parts than yours. For those who want to enhance their body parts, they can consider surgical procedures. If you are one of those women who is planning to undergo buttock enhancement, you need to understand that the result of your surgery will be far different from others.

Sometimes, patients compare the results with their friends or a family that has undergone buttock enhancement. There are instances when they want their buttocks to look exactly just like the others. The bottom line when it comes to surgical results on how big your buttock can get cannot be extrapolated to how big your friend’s buttock was. If you compare two human beings, you will notice that they are different. When it comes to the buttock augmentation, you need to realize that the results will greatly depend on the anatomy. If you compare yours to your friend or significant other, the only way you can compare apple to apple is if your friend has the same anatomy as yours before the surgery. If that is the case, then there is no question that if all the factors are the same, theoretically you should have the same results. However, you know that this is not true for everybody is different.

When it comes to surgery, the only thing that the surgeon can help you with is to provide you an hourglass shape and a larger behind. The bottom line is you cannot compare your results or you cannot expect your results to be equal to somebody that has surgery already. If you do not embrace who you are and what the surgeons can accomplish even before surgery, you are going to be unhappy after the surgery because your expectations are not clear and your understanding of the procedure will ultimately result in dissatisfaction.







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