Why some patients have more plastic surgery procedures

Why some patients have more plastic surgery procedures

30th Aug 2021

Undergoing plastic surgery is associated with certain risks and complications. Even if it is performed for aesthetic purposes mostly, plastic surgery is still surgery and is not risk-free. Even after the procedure, patients will go through a certain level of pain and discomfort, and they can also experience different side effects such as swelling and bruising, depending on the area that was targeted during the surgery. 

Considering all of the above, it might be difficult for some to understand why some patients have more plastic surgery procedures. There are several explanations for this, among which we will discuss just a few:

1.    The patient is happy with the results and wants to improve another part of the body

For patients who have a good experience undergoing plastic surgery, it is not uncommon to want to return to the plastic surgeon’s office looking for other procedures to enhance other parts of the body. Also, it is important to mention that it is not recommended to get butt and breast implants at the same time, or a tummy tuck with a butt augmentation. This means that if you suffer due to imperfections in multiple areas of the body, it is not always possible to combine procedures in one. Hence, you might need to undergo surgery one more time. 

2.    The patient is not happy with the results and wants revision surgery

The results of plastic surgery are not guaranteed, and there are many different causes that can lead to achieving unsatisfactory results. In some cases, the results are not satisfactory, not even by industry standards; in other cases, the results are good in terms of the aesthetics achieved, but not aligned with the patient’s desire. In this case, the patient might choose to undergo revision surgery. The recommendation is to wait at least six to eight months before scheduling revision surgery to give your body a chance to heal and restore and also for the final results of the initial procedure to settle. In many cases, the results noticeable after a month or two from the procedure can be very different from results six months post-op. 

3.    The patient has had surgery long ago and needs additional procedures

This is mostly the case for breast implant surgery. Breast implants are not guaranteed for life. They have a limited lifespan of ten or fifteen years, and after this, the recommendation is to remove and replace the implants with new ones. If you had your implants more than two decades ago, chances are you might need new implants and also probably correct a potential breast ptosis.

Gravity and the natural aging process affect all of us, and for patients who had surgery in their youth years, it can be rather common to undergo a revision surgery later on in their lives to erase the effects of the passing of time.

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