What Will My Butt Implants Feel Like?

What Will My Butt Implants Feel Like?

30th Mar 2014

Some women want to improve their body shape and one of the things they consider to enhance is their buttocks. One of the faster ways to achieve fuller buttocks is having butt implants. Those who are planning to have butt implants often ask if how it feels to have butt implants. Some patients are also curious if having butt implants feel natural. Of course, even if the patient wants a rounder, shapelier back view, it is still a concern if it will feel natural or not. The good news is yes. There is a high chance that you will feel the implants as part of your body after the recovery period. Many patients who have undergone butt implants reveal that the butt implants feel natural and not fake.

Most often, the recovery from butt implant surgery takes about six weeks. During that time, bruises and pain will subside and you will feel more like yourself again. For the implants to actually feel like a normal part of your body, it will take a little longer. Most patients say that they feel completely comfortable with their bodies again after four to six months. This is the amount of time it takes your body to fully accept the implants and allow them to blend in with the surrounding tissue.

During the transition phase, you have to take note that the implants should not be painful. You will simply go through a phase of getting used to the feel of a differently shaped body than you’ve had your entire life. If you think that there is something wrong with your implants or if you are having a weird feeling, you have to report it immediately to your surgeon so that your problems will be solved right away. If the problem is in the procedure itself, your surgeon can correct it immediately.

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