Will the skin be toned after liposuction?

Will the skin be toned after liposuction?

29th Nov 2019

Will the skin be toned after liposuction?


Liposuction is a procedure so popular nowadays that many people have either heard about it from someone close to them, on TV, or have even considered getting the procedure done on themselves. Liposuction is a miraculous procedure that has an effect on the stubborn fat deposits that can be localized in areas of the body difficult or impossible to address with diets and physical exercise. In fact, liposuction allows for a magical thing to happen: for the fat to disappear only from areas where it is in excess. What happens when we lose weight is that the fat tissue from all over the body gets thinner. So in trying to slimming down the waist, chances are that fat will also be lost from the areas of the breasts and the buttocks, and this is rarely, if ever desirable. Liposuction allows for the elimination of fat deposits only from certain areas, and this is something we can’t achieve in any other way. This is why liposuction can’t be substituted for diets or physical exercise.

Despite the long list of benefits and the amazing results that can be achieved with the procedure, there are certain cases when liposuction is not recommended. Liposuction is a good procedure only for patients with good skin tonus and elasticity. Otherwise, it should be performed with body lift procedures to avoid saggy skin to be left behind after the procedure. 

What happens during liposuction is that the patient is put under general anesthesia and the plastic surgeon will create small incisions in the area to be treated. Through the incisions, a liposuction cannula will be inserted. This cannula is connected to a vacuum medical device that suctions the fat out of the body. But for the fat to be suctioned, it needs to be dislodged and this can be done with back and forth movements performed with the help of the liposuction cannula. After the excess fat has been eliminated, the incisions are sutured and the procedure is complete. 

Many patients ask if the skin will be toned after liposuction. This depends on a few factors. First and most importantly is the skin quality of the patient. Generally speaking, the younger the patient, the more the chances for a good retraction of the skin after surgery and for the skin to look good and with great tonus. If the skin in the area is already affected by cellulite and stretch marks, chances are it will look saggy instead of toned after liposuction. To increase the chances of toned skin after liposuction, the plastic surgeon will advise you to wear the compression garments or girdle nonstop for a few weeks after the procedure and only during the day for a few more weeks after. The compression garments help with reducing the swelling and also with skin retractability to ensure better results are achieved when the final results transpire.  


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