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The Wonder Breast Lift

After years of experience and doing lots of research and reading about different techniques, I have developed my own technique that solves many of the problems of the breast lift. I call this the Wonder Breast lift. The Wonder Breast lift is a procedure where the whole breast is reconstructed. I see the breast lift procedure not only as a lift but as a reconstruction: every aspect of the breast needs to be fixed in order to avoid early failure and recurrence of sagginess.

With the Wonder Breast lift, I use your own tissue to remodel the breast. The tissue that has bottomed out is repositioned to the top of the breast, providing some fullness. In addition, the support and ligaments of the breast are recreated using the same internal structures of the breast, including the skin, the chest muscle, and suture suspension.

The wonderful part of the Wonder Breast lift is that it can be used to treat varying levels of breast sagginess, from moderate to severe, and the shape ultimately will have an implant-like look without having an implant. As you can see in this picture, this patient underwent a Wonder breast lift. She had moderate breast sagginess, she does not have implants, and she is a year out from her surgery. Here is another patient with more significant breast ptosis; the breasts have been repositioned in such a way that the whole breast mound has a nicer look and an implant-like look with one implant.

The Wonder Breast lift is the technique that I recommend to my patients if they want to stay the same size or be slightly smaller. For you to be a candidate for the procedure, you need to have a certain amount of breast tissue in order to recreate the breast mound. If you have absolutely no breast tissue and your breasts sag, this is not going to be the procedure for you, and most likely you are going to require a breast lift with an augmentation. Understanding the limitations of the different techniques will help you choose the best surgeon to restore your breasts to their previous form.


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